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Short Sermon, Sr. Finals – Room 204

1:00 PM Kevin Webster Mustang The Bridge Z-12
1:07 PM Hunter Hall Muldrow First Z-27
1:14 PM Britney Johnson Tahlequah 29 Eleven Church Z-4
1:21 PM Laura Holeman Haworth First Z-32
1:28 PM Jasen Waterson Tulsa Calvary Temple Z-39
1:35 PM Hayden Hefner OKC Capitol Hill Z-52
1:42 PM Faith Ward Enid Central Z-37

Vocal Solo, Male Finals – Worship Center

1:00 PM Andrew Campbell Tulsa Hope Worship Center VM-35
1:07 PM Samuel Fields Wright City First VM-13
1:14 PM Hunter Konemann OKC Capitol Hill VM-22
1:21 PM Ethan Harmon Broken Arrow The Assembly VM-20
1:28 PM Luke Grisham Mustang The Bridge VM-16
1:35 PM Peter Gomez Lawton First VM-28
1:42 PM Kyle Price Haworth First VM-26

Vocal Ensemble Small – Worship Center

2:00 PM Lindsay First VS-26
2:07 PM Broken Bow First VS-19
2:14 PM Konawa First VS-12
2:21 PM Tulsa Carbondale  #1 VS-20
2:28 PM Haworth First VS-8
2:35 PM Mustang The Bridge  #3 VS-15
2:42 PM Moore Powerhouse VS-10

Percussion Solo – Worship Center

5:45 PM David Pilgrim Oologah T-11
5:51 PM Brett Howard Muldrow 1st T-6
5:57 PM Zach Armstrong Tahlequah 29 Eleven T-4

Human Video Ensemble, Large – The Venue

3:00 PM Ardmore Crystal Rock Cath. M-1
3:10 PM Tahlequah 29 Eleven Church  #3 M-26
3:20 PM Broken Arrow The Assembly  #1 M-13
3:30 PM Moore Powerhouse M-4
3:40 PM Broken Arrow The Assembly  #2 M-14
3:50 PM Mustang The Bridge  #1 M-11

Drama Ensemble, Small – Worship Center

2:15 PM OKC Capitol Hill H-10
2:22 AM Moore Powerhouse #2 H-2
2:29 PM Jay #2 H-26
2:36 AM Mustang Bridge #1 H-4
2:43 PM Broken Bow First #3 H-20
2:50 AM Mustang Bridge #2 H-17

Vocal Solo, Female, Jr. – Worship Center

3:00 PM Emily McKerley Norman First VF-31
3:07 PM Autumn Wiles Bartlesville Tuxedo VF-25
3:14 PM Madison Jennings Shawnee Praise VF-19
3:21 PM Kinsey Lee Coweta VF-10
3:28 PM Kenzie Taylor Muldrow First VF-51
3:35 PM Renee’ Martin Lawton First VF-24
3:42 PM Lyric Peterson Tahlequah 29 Eleven Church VF-17
3:49 PM Kendra Grosso Lindsay First VF-12

Vocal Solo, Female, Sr. – Worship Center

4:15 PM Meredith Lockhart Tulsa Carbondale VG-79
4:21 PM Britney Johnson Tahlequah 29 Eleven Church VG-58
4:27 PM Alyssa Phelps Hominy First VG-67
4:33 PM Natalie Taylor Tulsa Carbondale VG-50
4:39 PM Kayla Richardson Tulsa Carbondale VG-3
4:45 PM Jeralyn Armstrong Tahlequah 29 Eleven Church VG-56
4:51 PM Laura Holeman Haworth First VG-60
4:57 PM Rebekah Hilburn Moore Powerhouse VG-20
5:03 PM Lara Davis Tulsa Carbondale VG-17
5:09 PM Allison Jones Mustang The Bridge VG-28
5:15 PM Brittany Bridge Chandler First VG-8
5:21 PM Lyndi Purkey Mustang The Bridge VG-73
5:27 PM Abigail Herron OKC Bethesda Church VG-42
5:33 PM Maria Warman OKC Capitol Hill VG-12

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