Youth Camp

Youth Camp

Unplugged. Life Changing. Empowering. 

  • Unplugged from the distractions of life for one powerful week.
  • Life changing worship and dynamic speaking presentations.
  • Empowering your faith through intimate connection with the Holy Spirit.

Camp 1 – May 28-June1 – John Boore & Josh Carter

Camp 2 – June 4-8 – Scott Wilson & Joseph Kellogg

Camp 3 – June 11-15 – Jeanne Mayo, Reggie Dabbs & Preston Centuolo

Camp 4 – June 18-22 – Terry Parkman & Ron Rhoads

Camp 5 – June 24-27 – Will Jones, Mike Miller & Todd Crews (Sunday-Wednesday)

Synergy | One Day

Relate. Network. Journey.

  • Relate with other youth ministers through shared life experiences.
  • Network with your peers building strong ministry and family foundations.
  • Journey further into ministry equipped with fresh leadership tools.

PK Retreat

Authentic. Relationship. Fun.

  • Authentic place for you to be yourself away from your normal routine.
  • Relationship moments with your peers.
  • Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun……!

Youth Convergence

Reenergize. Challenge. Focus. 

  • Reenergize your life through exciting worship and dynamic speaking sessions.
  • Challenge yourself to move forward in your relationship with God.
  • Focus one weekend on Jesus and on forming life long bonds with your friends.
Youth Pastors Retreat

Youth Pastors Retreat

Escape. Connect. Relax.

  • Escape to a stress free, relaxing weekend created just for YOU.
  • Connect and build relationships with other Oklahoma youth pastor's.
  • Relax, have fun and make once in a lifetime memories.