It’s been just a little over 2 years since our 4-year old son Grayson passed away from cancer. Over these last couple of years we have learned how to live a “new normal life” one of those new normals was getting a dog.

Yes it was only a matter of time before man’s best friend took over our home.  That little tornado came in the form of a Tea Cup Yorkie named Peyton (named after Peyton Manning of The Denver Broncos, my sons favorite NFL team)

More than once our dog has been a reminder of how good, loving and faithful God really is to our family.  I’m sure that seems strange at first read, but the reality is God is constantly speaking to us thru creation.  

Enter…Peyton, there has never been a time that I have not walked thru the door of our home after being gone all day, and the first to meet me at the door is Peyton.  Her excitement to see me is unmatched; you would have thought I had been gone for days.  Yet she rolls out the red carpet whether I have been gone a week or an hour.  Even when I discipline the dog when she has eaten Kleenex or rummaged thru the trash, she has an instantaneous love for me. Peyton is no respecter of persons in our home, she gives the same kind of love to my wife Jill and my son Seth.

It was in one particular moment when Peyton was greeting me at the back door with such zest, that God simply reminded me, of his overwhelming love for us.  His excitement to see and more realistically spend time with us was manifest thru the love a dog was showing her owner. The reality is God loves us no matter how long we are away from Him.  He loves us even when we fail in showing our love to him! Take a moment and spend some time talking to God today and see what his response is.  

Don’t forget to check back for Part 2 and experience the epic confrontation Peyton had with another of man’s best friends!