A recap of each sermon from Convergence 2015, in 140 characters or less.

If God was small enough for your mind, He wouldn't be big enough for your problems. @RealMikeMiller #Convergence15


Church won't save you. Jesus will. @realmikemiller #Convergence15


The greatest trade ever! God says I'll trade ya! Your sin for my son! @RealMikeMiller #Convergence15


Pride takes more people to hell than any other sin. @RealMikeMiller #Convergence15


Jesus didn't die to be your trash man. He died to be your Lord and Savior. @jaymemontera #Convergence15


Your entire life will depend on whether or not you are a giver. @jaymemontera #Convergence15


God's not interested in what you don't have and can't do. He's interested in what you do have and can do through you! @jaymemontera  #Convergence15


If we never experience pain we would never fully understand God's grace. @curvinemusic #Convergence15


As long as things are okay - many times we forget about our need for God!@curvinemusic #Convergence15


God is just as good a finisher as he is a starter! @curvinemusic #Convergence15

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