2 Samuel 11 starts with these words “It was the time of year when Kings went out to war..."

I truly believe there are seasons of life that are made for great exploits and your time as a young adult is a season meant for launching not lounging 

Why do so many young adults ship wreck their lives instead of maximizing?

2 Samuel 11 has helped me process this. This is the story where King David should be out at war on the battlefield but instead stays home on the balcony where he sees Bathsheba commits adultery with her and eventually kills her husband.

How did this history making legend go from being on top of the world to his world falling apart?

Few things I know:

1. Your victories yesterday don’t promise you legacy tomorrow.

David was the same guy he always was. Same guy who killed a lion and a bear, same guy who pushed past a father who undervalued him to say “is there not a cause?” the same guy who challenged the giants of his day that mocked his faith and persecuted his nation.

2. Timing is everything

“There is not only a right thing to do but a right time to do it” - Abraham Lincoln

2 Samuel 11 vs 1” It happened in the spring of the year at the time when kings go out to battle...but David remained in Jerusalem”

The spring time was the fighting season! The season before was rainy which caused impossible conditions for chariots to move in the mud and flash floods washed out roads, the season after was the harvest time which demanded every man to work fields to feed their family and keep the country going. The spring was THE time to fight.

3. When fatigue walks in faith walks out

Vs 2 “David arose from his bed”. It doesn’t say why David didn’t go fight; but one would think those decades of fighting, training, violent leadership, then leading a nation himself has to have worn David down. We must learn to rest and withdraw without going AWOL or isolating. 

4. More leaders are destroyed on the balconies than any battlefield 

Psalm 127:4, “Like arrows in the hand of a warrior so are the children of one’s youth” We like arrows. They are meant to be aimed not stored, to be launched not to lounge. To do anything other than your purpose will frustrate you. 

Where have you shelved yourself? Don’t let your leaders or families fight your battle in prayer.

5. God takes a mess and makes a message

God still chose to birth His son through David’s name and legacy, He wasn’t done with David and He isn’t done with you! 

Today I choose the battle over the balcony and I pray you do to!

Mike Miller pastors Shiloh Youth in Halifax, NS, and believes that this generation is our world’s greatest resource. Pastor Mike and his amazing wife Nancy, who he met on a mission trip to Newfoundland, were married in May 2000 and have two children, son Joshua and daughter Mattie. Today, Pastor Mike and his team reach out to 300+ students every week. Shiloh is helping youth and young adults, on different campuses all across the city, experience God and discover His purpose for their lives. Mike will also be speaking at Young Adult Retreat, Mar. 6-7.

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