Has 2015 been an amazing year for you? Or will has it been a struggle?

There are some things you need to GRAB and some things you need to LET GO

Acts 27 and 28 Paul survives a ship wreck only to wash up on Malta and be bitten by a snake ( only animal worse than a cat!)


As the ship sank in the storm they GRABBED onto things! Acts 27:44 “grabbed boards and parts of the ship

God is good but life has storms, make sure you grab stuff which will help you

1. Hope

You can’t be a pessimist and a Christian! Remember the same Spirit that raised Christ from the grave lives IN you! Don’t put a period where God intended a comma……keep going!

2. Forgiveness

Both receive it and give it! Jesus died for your sins so dont act like you have to…..also forgive others.

Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself
— Jeanne Mayo

3. Grab your CALLING

Remember your WHY in the middle of many HOW….there is a reason why you are here…You were created to solve a problem and win a battle. A man with a WHY can overcome any HOW


Hebrews 12:1 says, "...throw off every weight and sin..."

1 Get rid of the WEIGHT

Weight is stuff that others put on you or stuff you pick up and it slows you down. That hater whose words stick to you, that teachers labeling when you were 12, the bad habits you let control you……Let them GO, the pace is speeding up and so must we.

2. SIN

The snake grabbed Paul and he shook it off, make no mistake sin is trying to kill you so shake it off. Repent, Receive grace and get on with your calling. Paul shook the snake off to go on to heal the sick on the island and minister.

Listen…. there are people about to walk into your life that are depending on you shaking off this sin… the poet Swift says SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE IT OFF!

Grab the good, Let Go of the bad and let's make the most of your life NOW!

Mike Miller pastors Shiloh Youth in Halifax, NS, and believes that this generation is our world’s greatest resource. Pastor Mike and his amazing wife Nancy, who he met on a mission trip to Newfoundland, were married in May 2000 and have two children, son Joshua and daughter Mattie. Today, Pastor Mike and his team reach out to 300+ students every week. Shiloh is helping youth and young adults, on different campuses all across the city, experience God and discover His purpose for their lives.

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