We live in an unprecedented time for creativity in the church. With a merging of unbelievable technology and artistic appreciation, the Church has never been so able to creatively reach large numbers of people with the Gospel. The question, however, becomes, “how do we leverage this creativity to magnify the gospel?

Christ Centered // Gospel Shaped

With theses wonderful opportunities, the makers in the church, whether it be a media director, pastor or youth pastor, must take responsibility to ensure that creativity serves a purpose. Namely, that it is used to tell the story of Christ and His redemptive works. One simple question to ask when working on a creative piece is this:

Is this work Christ Centered and Gospel Shaped?

To be Christ Centered is to be focused on creating elements that point people to Christ. The songs we sing, videos we show and messages we preach should point people to the saving works of Jesus Christ. Sure, we can have a goofy video to set up a message, but the goofiness should not be what the congregants remember. It should be the message.

As creatives we must take charge to make sure that all elements point people in the direction of Christ. How do we do this? We shape all of our elements through the good news of the Gospel. Rooting our creative pieces in the Word ensures that people will walk away with a True message of who Christ is.

By creating true, Gospel shaped stories, we will direct people toward Christ. We can do this in any number of ways: testimony videos, songs, dramas, spoken word, short films and preaching; but the most important thing is we use our creativity to magnify the Gospel of Christ.

Jayson Evans is the Media Director for the Oklahoma Assemblies of God District Council. He is also the founder of the CREATE:initiative. The CREATE:initiative serves to connect and resource Creatives in the Local Church. Jayson also serves as the Director of Media/Production for Century Leadership. Be sure to stay connected with Jayson through his blog – Worthwhile Thoughts.

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