Two former Sparks Youth Camp interns, Jordan Miller and Willis Lusk, have already been on the travel circuit but now have made an inspiring video. The words spoken in this video are the cries of a generation longing to see racial reconciliation. If you have ever given thought to a series or just a sermon on this topic, you don’t want to pass up this great resource! Jordan and Willis travel everywhere together doing shows, performing with rap, spoken word, comedy, and video like this.

This video is an original piece that was made in response to past experiences they have shared. Jordan told us that, “It was made because the places we went together, for shows, we noticed (whether all black or all white) we both got treated differently.”

In an interview we asked Jordan the following questions:

The Hub: What inspired you to tackle this issue?

JM: “What probably set it off was when we heard we were going to have a show in St. Louis MO. And we recently watched the video of Eric Garner and were appalled. So we decided there needed to be two people to speak on it.” 

The Hub: What do you want your audience to walk away with when they watch/listen to “Separate From Separation”?

JM: “We want people to walk away knowing, how passionate some people are about the change that needs to take place. And that love unities us ultimately. But only have happens if we look past stereo types and color.”

The Hub: How can this generation break the chains of racism and find racial reconciliation?

JM: “We can only accomplish this by seeing through the eyes of love, and not eyes of judgment or hatred/jealousy.” 

The Hub: In the video, you said, “It boils down to a lack of respect…we are fighting for our right to be right…” , what does that mean?

JM: “Boils down to a lack of respect, meaning that respect is what everyone wants and fights so hard to get (not earn). So we believe people tear each other down because they want to be feared or respected. But it's the same with fighting to be right, it'll just keep going in circles if we don't give it more than we try and get it.” 

The Hub: How do we learn to respect other people who are not like us?

JM: “Love. Stop thinking we are better than anyone else. When we have preconceived ideas that is what fails the first encounter with someone.” 

The video was made by their close friend, Dillon Chase. They currently don’t have a website but feel free to contact them through social media to book a show. Both, Jordan and Willis are working on releasing two CDs that will be featuring music, spoken word, and comedy. For booking contact them at

Click here for a link to the "Separate From Separation"


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