Did you miss Synergy Youth Leaders Conference? We'll try to get you caught up. Here are 10 of our favorite tweets from Synergy - To find more just explore #Synergy16

"Am I helping or hindering God's cause? God save me from me!" - @scottygibbons #SYNERGY16


"When reading His word, are you looking for a sermon or are you looking for His heart?" - @scottygibbons #SYNERGY16


"Don't be a spiritual leader that is earthly minded." @scottygibbons #SYNERGY16


"Don't look to find a significant ministry, work to make the place you are a significant ministry." @DocWoot #SYNERGY16


"Support the vision of your lead pastor." - @cludog #SYNERGY16


"Life will be defined by who you disciple." - Frank Cargill @OKDCofAG #SYNERGY16


"If you are afraid to get wet, then don't try to walk on water" - Frank Cargill @OKDCofAG #SYNERGY16


"If there isn't fire in your message, throw your message in the fire." - @thechrisdavis #SYNERGY16


"You cannot judge God's eternal work with earthly eyes" - @scottygibbons #SYNERGY16


"What if we were as spiritually minded about our marriages as we are about our ministries" - @scottygibbons #SYNERGY16

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