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Synergy Interview: Todd Crews


Synergy Interview: Todd Crews

SYNERGY: Share the kind of ministry you do. 

Todd Crews: We are currently in a season of transition. But, for the last 8 years did young adult ministry at the Brooklyn Tabernacle in the heart of New York City! I'm currently traveling and speaking while spending time with my most important ministry: my family


SYNERGY: How did you come to do this type of role? What were you doing before you entered this role?

TC: Research tells us the least likely person to be in church was a 25 year old. I was passionate about seeing that change. Before I was in this role I was serving in a variety of other ministries in my church. 


SYNERGY: What’s the biggest thing you had to overcome to find success in your ministry?    

TC: Taking myself too seriously, and not taking God serious enough.


SYNERGY: What is the risk in pursuing what you love?

TC: Anything great in this life has risk involved. I've realized in my pursuit of what I love God's plans are sometimes different than my preferences.


SYNERGY: What’s the biggest way your ministry has changed since you started it?

TC: Our biggest change has been developing a volunteer culture. There is an army of people playing their part in reaching and raising up young adults for Christ. 


SYNERGY: Tell us a few things you have to be consistent in to lead your ministry.

TC: I can't lead anything well unless I'm leading myself well. Prayer, reading, family time and things refuel me are a must. 


SYNERGY: What do you do to keep learning in ministry?

TC: I believe you can't have a growing ministry without a growing leader. I try to surround myself with people that are better than me and read a lot!