One event our youth ministry has done that was a great success for us was a “Color Fight.”  Our Color Fight was patterned after Color Runs where participants throw colored powder on each other.  I know this type of event is nothing new, in fact our “Color Fight” took place in May of 2014.  The reason I post this is because we were able to do it so cheaply.  I thought I would share our process, because I feel this is a very “scalable” event for any size youth ministry.  

The Prep Work

I did a lot of initial internet research on purchasing some color powder.  What I found was that color powder is expensive.  Even the cheapest stuff I found had to be shipped from overseas with high shipping charges.  So, we set out to try to make some of our own powder.  Here's what we did:

1) Researched and found some Color Tempura Paint Powder on Amazon.  I looked for it at various craft stores and could not find any.  So just resign yourself to getting it online.  The powder normally comes in 1 lb. jars. 

2) The next thing we did was buy a bunch of flour.  We got it in 5lb. bags from Walmart. 

3) We mixed in the Tempura Paint Powder with the flour in plastic tubs.  We found that 1 jar of paint powder could mix well with 2 bags of flour.  Now, that's as diluted as you want your paint powder.  You may actually want to mix the powder a little stronger, as to get a richer color. 

4) We put scoops of the powder in small 2 oz. ziplock snack bags.  This allows the fight to last a little bit longer.  Do not set the powder out in the tubs for your fight!  If you do, one of your students will pick up the whole tub and try to dump it on someone, thus making your fight last all of 30 seconds. 

5) If you want to make the fight last even longer you can buy women's pantyhose and make powder balls by cutting off the legs, putting a soop down the leg, tying a knot right above the powder, tying a second knot, then cutting in between the knots.  Each leg will yield about 6-7 powder balls. 

How much was used. 

We used 1 case of 12 Tempura Paint Powder Jars  and about 120 lbs. of flour.  This was enough for 150 participants.  


All in all we spent almost $100...Which is pretty good considering it factors out to less than a dollar per participant.  The best part is that the major cost is the Tempura Paint Powder which can be bought in cases, or jars.  So, you can buy however much you need.  

The Night of the Color Fight 

1) We encouraged all students to wear white that night.  We also encourage students to wear goggles.  

2) As you've probably thought by now, a Color Fight is only going to last your group 15-20 minutes max.  In our planning, we realized we need another game to help fill up time.  So we came up with paint tag.  

     - We split our group into teams

     - We bought craft paint in large tubes

     - We had each player put paint on their hands

     - Each member tried to tag members of the other team during the game

     - At the end of 5 minutes, each team counted up the hand prints on their team members

     - The team with the fewest marks, won

This game ended up being as much of a hit as the Color Fight.  

3) For the Color Fight we placed the boxes of Color Powder at various locations on our property, turned on some music, and let the students get after it.  

Wrap Up

This event was a big win for us and a huge boost.

Marc Johnson has been in youth ministry for 10 years and has pastured at churches of all sizes. He currently serves as youth pastor at Crossroads Church in OKC. He and his wife Talena are passionate for students and equipping the next generation to live out authentic faith. 

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