This past week a friend and I met for lunch in a university in Dublin. The university was holding an exhibition and one particular piece caught my eye. Standing alone in the midst of a bustling café was a tombstone. The epitaph was significant; capturing a glimpse of the modern day struggle to fit in, make a difference or matter to somebody. Noticing my interest in the piece, a staff member approached me. “This is how your life will be remembered in sixty years”. “Really?” I thought to myself. “That’s not how I want to be remembered. I want my life to be remembered for something far greater.”

The reality is that one day we will die and will have to give an account for our lives. I believe our lives will be measured by one thing: relationships. The relationship we had with Jesus and in turn how that impacted the relationships we had with others. Jesus commands us to ‘Love one another’ as He loved us. He reminds us that ‘Greater love has no man than this, to lay down his life for his friend’. I want my tombstone to reflect my desire to lay down everything I have so that those around me can enter into relationship with Him.

Psalm 139 tells us that God has ordained our days before us. That promise leads us to a divine daily purpose. That gives us approximately 28000 days in our lifetime to decide what we will be remembered for, what our tombstone will read. As I stood in that café, my heart was realigned again to build relationships with others so that my life reflects the number of lives I have influenced, the number of relationships I forged and ultimately the people I lead to Jesus.

The daily challenge is simple. What relationships are you building today that will reflect the legacy of your life? What if your life continued to impact people long after you were gone? Finally, is your life affecting other people’s epitaphs?

Daniel Malone pastors Youth and Young Adults in Dublin City, Ireland, and also serves as the National Youth Director for the Assemblies of God Ireland.  Daniel is married to his childhood sweetheart Deborah. Together they lead a vibrant and passionate youth and college age ministry in a country where statistically 99% of people do not know Jesus. The need is great but the vision to reach the lost is greater. Daniel’s passion is to communicate the Gospel and see people come into life giving relationship with Jesus.


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