Get this picture in your head, you are 5 years old and you lay your eyes on the greatest fun factory on the playground, the seesaw, you know that steel pole with a seat on each end that can fling you to the moon. When you think of the joy of the seesaw you think of how high it goes with someone on the other end, especially bigger than you, then the whoosh and stomach turn of the fall back down to the earth. I have heard for years the challenge to find BALANCE in life between ministry, family, hobbies, romance, rest and everything else in life but I don’t think that’s possible. About 7 years ago I was told the best advice that blew that challenge out of the water. DON’T FIGHT FOR BALANCE FIND RHYTHMS. 

When you picture the fun of a seesaw it never enters your mind to keep it balanced. At perfect balance a seesaw is useless. In life if you fight for balance then something wins and something loses, or in reality someone wins and someone loses. Even God’s word reminds us that life works in seasons because one long season exactly the same would make us crazy.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.
— Ecclesiastes 3:1 (New Living Translation)

 So here is my challenge for you today. Look at your life and find where you can identify seasons of rhythm. Here is a snap shot of how my mind sees a year as a youth pastor and maybe it will help you think through your year in your calling.

Snap shot of a year: (Mix in some naps, vacation, exercise, late night vision casting, date nights, sleepless nights with your kids, sermon prep, redecorating the youth room and hundreds of staff meetings, successes and disappointments.)

January –  Launch a new year with vision. (High output)

February – Echo the vision and build on it. (Rest and lay low)

March/April – Build energy that will carry through to summer (Medium energy output. Good time to plan Family outings.)

May – Graduation and summer camp last push (Building endurance for summer)

June/July – Camp and Missions trips (Summer is always crazy with inters and  events.)

August/September – High output to build a Fall push (Rest in August so that you have tons of energy to push in September.)

October/December – Ride the momentum and build leaders (Gear down and focus on student and leader development.)

December 31st – End the year with a celebration (Take a breather because a new year is coming. Reject everything you can in order to focus on family.)


Aaron Frizzelle is married to his best friend Regan Frizzelle of 13 years. They have two amazing kids Jaxon(10) and Jada(5) and have served as full time youth pastors in the local church for all 13 years of marriage and 2 years prior as full time volunteers. They are currently Next Gen Executive Directors at Woodlake Church in Tulsa, Ok. They are passionate about going where broken and hurting students are and introducing them to Christ and working hard to get them connected back to the local church. The Frizzelle's motto as pastors is, "Love people where they are and let God take them to where he wants them." Their motto as a family is, "What we do we do together." 

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