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february 4-25

The youth department of the Oklahoma District has been doing a candy sale for many years. In fact, the candy sale was the brain child of Armon Newburn (former DYD, and Superintendent). It originally helped our district with the purchase of Turner Falls youth camp in Davis, Oklahoma. Through the years, the profits from the candy sale have helped with many different ministries within our district from youth camp to Youth Alive / Shift School Assemblies / Youth Pastors Retreat. I remember the days of being a youth pastor and giving my students the opportunity to sell candy, and I recall being a Section Rep and having meetings with all my youth pastors in the section to encourage them to sell. Being on this side of the fence now, I am seeing firsthand how helpful the candy sale is to the Oklahoma District and how other districts are not able to do as much ministry-wise because the funds are just not there.     

There are several areas that revenue of the candy sale will go:     

  1. A portion of our profits will benefit Sparks Campground.  
  2. The other portion will benefit OYM through these events: SYNERGY Youth Leaders Events & Youth Pastors Retreat.    

Each church will be asked to sell a designated number of boxes determined by the size of the church. There are thirty candy bars & candy in each box. The candy bars are sold for $2.00. If you would prefer not to sell the candy and send in a donation for your part, this would also be appropriate and welcomed.     

We have some great prizes for those who choose to sell candy.  Not only are there T-shirts and hoodies that can be won, but free trips to Youth Camp and Christian Fun Day. The youth leaders of each church can also win cash, Starbucks for a Year, and also Apple Store Gift Cards for placing in their divisions.     

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Your youth representative will be contacting you about your involvement and obtaining your candy.  The OYM Candy Sale will be from February 4-25th, 2018.   I had a DYD from another state contact me when he saw us advertising the candy sale on social media. You see, he grew up in Oklahoma and he made the comment that he used to sell candy for the candy sale, he thought it was awesome that we were still doing it after all these years and it was still effectively meeting needs in our state.  Please give your students an opportunity to sell and win free trips to OYM events, but more importantly allow them to be a part of something that has been and continues to be a blessing to generations of Oklahomans.


Developing Generations to Lead,

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Doug Everaard,
Oklahoma District Youth Director